FreeSo2ul - Anima libera

This wine is truly free, no compromises and no added sulphites. It expresses the soul of the Moscato grape as only nature can interpret it.
May this wine be a source of freedom and inspiration.

no added sulfites, nothing but moscato
The wine

Moscato d'Asti

  • Variety Moscato bianco
  • Alc. vol. 5%
  • Production Area Piedmont
  • Soil Calcareous
Note degustative
Tasting notes

Production and tasting notes

reesoul is the result of a patient and accurate selection during the harvest. Only the best soils, low yelds and expert hands selecting and picking the healthiest grapes.
In the cellar, during all the production phases until the bottling, any contact with oxygen is strictly avoided.
Serve chilled between 10-12°C to better feel the fragrance of the primary aromas and the delciate balance between acidity and sweetness.

Food pairing

Food pairing

Pairs well with roasted chicken and spicy Asian food or to delight creamy desserts. Try it also with fresh fruit based desserts and cocktails.